I apologize for making so many people sit through my skits back in the 80s.

From the moment I could tell a story, I wanted to be center stage. If my mother were still alive, she would attest to this. I wrote plays, told stories, commanded my friends to enact things, built fake televisions out of cardboard boxes with paper scrolls, recorded myself being a pretend radio DJ so I could create a fake audience, kept countless diaries… the list goes on.

I was raised in Dallas, TX, and attended a private girls’ school for 12 years—which simultaneously afforded me an incredible education and created in me a longing to move away and gain more collective, less sheltered experiences. So, at the age of 18, I headed off to Stanford in Palo Alto, CA, where life was every bit as interesting as I knew it could be. In three years, I graduated with a BA in Feminist Studies and a hunger to work.

I remember with great clarity the day I interviewed for my first real marketing job. I was asked, “Do you know what marketing is?” And I made up a perfectly good explanation. I remember going home that night and telling my boyfriend (now husband), “It’s not like I’m going to wake up some day and be 40 years old still doing this!”

Oh, dumb youth. Yes, it was exactly like that.

And I actually love it.

In the years since my first job with VeriFone’s Internet Commerce Division, I have worked as a corporate employee, worked with startups, been a full-time contractor, been a freelancer, worked at a content marketing agency, started my own marketing company, and so much more. I’ve provided writing, design and website services to dozens of companies of all sizes. I’ve embraced learning about new technologies and industries, made incredibly good friends of my teammates, and continued to progress my skills. My latest fascination with GenAI tools will no doubt lead me down many rabbit holes, and I can’t wait. I have zero intention of slowing down in my career.

Outside of work, I’m a wife and mother of three incredible young people, two of whom have passed the adult threshold, and one who might be lucky enough to do so in a few years if he keeps his head on straight. I think raising children definitively equates to team leadership, and I challenge anyone to tell me otherwise. I enjoy cruises, mountains, NYT weekend crossword puzzles, wine, theatre, and most sports (but really, mostly football, let’s not kid ourselves).

I am a continuous learner and self-professed data nerd who hates math but loves stats and figures. I cannot draw to save my life, but I can create just about any design digitally. I believe content is one of the most critical and deeply impactful areas of the business world, and I’ve been ridiculously excited to see how the content creation space is launching us into new territory almost daily.

I’ll probably rewrite this 80 times and never be satisfied, but here you go. Feel free to reach out and give me some edits. Taking constructive criticism is a learned skill every human should practice whenever possible.

P.S. I’m a rescue dog mom many times over and highly encourage everyone to adopt, don’t shop.